Kislingbury and Upton Community Church

Kislingbury & Upton Community Church (KUCC) aims to be a Church for all ages and stages. We want to care for our communities, encourage people to explore the big questions of life and support those who are looking to deepen their Christian faith.

We have lots going on in both Kislingbury and Upton and you can find more information about our various groups and activities through our website

We are a friendly and thriving church, situated just down the A45 from Upton in Kislingbury village, on the corner of Mill Lane and Willow View, overlooking the River Nene.

Although life has many mysteries, we believe that people are at their best when they are in good relationship to God and each other.

With millions of other Christians from around the world, we believe that God is real, that God is good and that God is able to change lives in the here and now.

We also believe that the best way to understand who God is, what God is like and what God may ask of us, is to look at the life and teaching of Jesus Christ.

  • Jesus met practical needs and taught his followers to care for the poor, the sick and marginalised.
  • Jesus was consistently answering questions and talking with those who wanted to know more.
  • Jesus was always looking to deepen the life and faith of those around him.

At KUCC, in whatever ways we can, we look to do the same.


For more information, pop in or contact us on:

Tel: 07931 436 852

Address: Kislingbury & Upton Community Church, Mill Lane, Kislingbury, NN7 4BD